The Navi Journey Haggadah Shel Pesach [Hardcover]

Brand: Feldheim Publishers
By: Ilan Ginian
Product ID: 9781735125534
This item is part of Navi Journey Series.
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The Navi Journey Series describes in detail the events that transpired in the books of the Nevi'im. What seems to be a historical recollection was in fact recorded with Divine inspiration.The chapters are presented with the illuminating explanations of the sages to teach us timeless messages so that we may apply them in our own lives today.

The written Torah is a closed book without the Divine explanations found in the Oral Torah. The Navi Journey series offers a compendium of commentaries written in a free flowing style to make the words of the Navi come alive with breadth and depth. In addition, each chapter is closed with a more indepth discussion of various aspects of Torah philosophy and ethics that are contained in the chapter. This work will enable those who cannot study the traditional commentaries on their own to appreciate the true meaning of the Navi; as well, it will offer those who can learn those commentaries in depth a source for review.

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 224
Publisher: Feldheim
ISBN: 9781735125534

The Navi Journey Haggadah Shel Pesach [Hardcover]
By: Rabbi Ilan Ginian

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