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The Mystery of the Empty House [Hardcover]

The Mystery of the Empty House [Hardcover]

By Henye Meyer

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The Mystery of the Empty House [Hardcover]
By: Henye Meyer

Product Description
"It’s about Rabbi Bergman, who disappeared," Lemel told the
policewoman. "We think we found a clue."
The policewoman sighed. "You kids have been reading too many mysteries. Look, do us a favor and buzz off."
"Couldn’t you just hear what we have to say?" Lemel begged.
The policewoman rolled her eyes.
"Will you go away if I promise to?"
What good did it do to find a clue if nobody was interested?

Lemel, Fishel and Sender are stuck. Their Rebbe has disappeared.
They know where he is, but no one believes that three eleven-year-old boys (plus a pet goldfish and an unruly younger brother) can help find him. But he’s in grave danger.
Should they take the risk and try to save him on their own?
In this suspenseful and entertaining mystery, renowned author Henye Meyer introduces The Accidental Adventurers, whose antics and escapades will make The Mystery of the Empty House a book you won’t want to put down.

Pages: 109
Date Published: Feb 05, 2019
Binding: Hardcover

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The Mystery of the Empty House [Hardcover]
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