The Jeweled Sword Comic Story Volume 5 [Hardcover]

By: Noach Rubin
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Series: Jeweled Sword Series

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Suddenly, the Margalios boys find themselves alone.
Uncle Bunim is on a rescue mission, far away.
Grandpère is sick in bed, hardly hoping anymore for recovery.
And the orphanage is left cold and empty.
All they have now is an old siddur - and an urgent mission.
They never meant to get on that plane at all - and
then it crashes, and there they are in a whirlpool of war and treachery, wild chases, Chinese rice, and burning tanks in the heart of darkness.
Will Bunim, Ruvy, and Chaim find Maurice before it's too late? Who are the Viet Minh fighters, and why do they set a village on fire?
What is Colonel Victor's nefarious scheme?
And how could it be that the Chinese emissary doesn't know how to eat rice?
Here it is The Jeweled Sword 5, a fresh new hit in the popular series that has won the hearts of young readers
A carefully-plotted story, an exciting historical
background, unforgettable characters and a high quality visual experience.
You'll read it again and again and again and discover something new every time.
Another quality production from comics creator Noach Rubin

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 8.5" x 12"
Pages: 52
Language: English
Isbn-13: 9789657761281
Isbn-10: 965776128X

The Jeweled Sword Comic Story Volume 5 [Hardcover]
By: Noach Rubin
Illustrated by: Avraham Zemora

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