The Indisputable Truth [Paperback]

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A must read for anyone who wants clarity on so many vital topics, such as proving the existence of G-d, proving the Divinity of the Torah, and figuring out what truly is the purpose of life. Jews today, observant or not, need to clarify the rational foundation of our beliefs. This book nicely touches on all the major points a person should examine.

Imagine one day you get a job offer in a big company. The CEO meets with you and informs you that you are hired. As of tomorrow morning, at 9 am, you are to report to the office, find a quiet area, and draw as many circles as you can in a notebook. He then leaves and does not give you a chance to ask any questions. You show up the next day and start working and draw as many circles as you can. By 3 pm, you are exhausted and have a million questions. After a week of filling up notebooks with circles, it would make sense for you to be desperate to find the CEO and ask him why you are here and what your purpose here is.

Many of us have been alive for decades and never have asked the big questions. We have seen the vast seas, tall mountains, learned of the wonders of the human body, and rarely or never asked, why? Indeed, the average person goes through many years of schooling, then finally gets a job and works long hours only to receive some money, then uses that money to buy food, clothes, and pay for gas so he can continue to go to work and make more money. Much of the time, it seems like life is a useless circle, similar to the person hired by his CEO to draw circles all day.

Yet there are big questions that should be asked, as they affect our daily lives in significant ways. Why are we here? Is there a G-d? How do we know that He created this magnificent world? How do we know that the Torah - which the Jewish nation has studied meticulously for over 3,300 years – is from G-d?

We live in a generation where assimilation and intermarriage is rampant. Some reports suggest that almost 75% of Jews are throwing away their several thousand-year-old lineage and giving it all up by intermarrying with non-Jews! According to The Pew Research Center, about 1.6 million adult American Jews identify themselves as Christians! 20% of American Jews describe themselves as having no religion at all! Additionally, secular Jews travel around the world, experimenting with different cultures, seeking spirituality in ways foreign to true Judaism1 (about 40% of practicing non-Asian Buddhists in America are Jewish!).

Have you ever wondered why this is the case? Do you think that these Jews ever read through the five books of the Torah, studied the Talmud, and then rationally chose to reject it all?

1 Source: Rebuilding the Jewish World by R. Elazar Grunberger

In truth, most people don’t even know there are five books to the Torah! Most have never been privileged to spend a day in a private Jewish school to learn the basics of their heritage. Of those who have attended Jewish schools, the sad reality is that their Jewish education might not have felt very relevant to them. They may have gone through 10 years of private school and never addressed important topics such as, “How do we know there is actually a G-d?”, “How do we know that G-d gave the Torah and it was not just made up by individuals?”, or “What is my purpose in this world?”

The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with compelling evidence that there is a G-d and that He gave us (the Jewish people) the Torah. Once this is established, the second purpose of this book is to address our purpose in this world. Our goal is to enhance our perspectives on life. Let’s take the journey together.

Today, we write this book with a sense of pride to be able to share with you the truths that we discovered about our beautiful religion. Living by these tenets has significantly improved our happiness and meaning in life. We hope that through this life-changing journey of reading this book, you are able to realize this Indisputable Truth!

Binding: Paperback
Size: 6.63" x 8.5"
Pages: 205
Language: English
Publisher: Distibuted by Feldheim
Release Date: August 3, 2022
ISBN-13: 979-8496161251

The Indisputable Truth [Paperback]
Compelling Evidence For The Existence Of God, Divinity Of The Torah, And Purpose Of Life
The Book That Will Shake The Jewish World!

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