The Concise Laws of Shivah [Paperback]

Brand: Judaica Press
By: Tzvi Hebel, Refoel Yaakov Tzvi Preil
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The Concise Laws of Shivah [Paperback]
Including the Laws of Aninus
By: Rabbi Tzvi Hebel and Rabbi Refoel Yaakov Tzvi Preil

Product Description
Just what a mourner needs; no more, no less

This invaluable booklet focuses specifically on the laws during the time of aninus (the time from passing until after the burial) and of shivah only. The onein and aveil are confronted with many halachic questions and uncertainties during the time prior to the burial and during the week of shivah, and these issues often require immediate answers. It can easily happen that the onein and aveil simply do not have the time or ability to obtain the answers. To address that need, this book presents a final p'sak halachah (halachic determination) whenever possible.

Reviewed and approved by Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer, shlit"a.

Binding: Softcover
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 64
ISBN 9781944143213

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