The Book of Amazing Facts and Feats Volume 2 [Hardcover]

Brand: Feldheim Publishers
By: Nattan Hurvitz, Aharon Yosef Hoffman
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Series: Amazing Facts and Feats Series

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The Book of Amazing Facts and Feats Volume 2 [Hardcover]
The Creator's World and All That Fills It
By: Nattan Hurvitz and Aharon Yosef Hoffman

Product Description
Imagine a book crammed so full of information that each page opens your eyes to dozens of different things you've never known before. Imagine a book that's so eye-opening, riveting, and splendid that you--and your kids--can literally spend hours immersed in it. Imagine a book that testifies to the greatness and infinite wisdom of our Creator in a most unique, palatable way. Now hold exactly that book you imagined, in your very own hands! The Book of Amazing Facts and Feats is encyclopedic, bursting with trivia that's anything but trivial. From Jewish history to motorcycle history, prophets to governments, your mind will delight in the obscure, fascinating, and important facts presented in this beautifully designed coffee-table sized book. Packed with full-color photographs and divided by topic, this is a real first, a book of world records geared for the Torah Jew. What did the Bais HaMikdash look like when 1.2 million men with their 1.2 million goats or lambs would pass through on Pesach? Who was the only female ruler of the Jewish Nation? And which city never had any corpses? In addition to Torah-related facts, this book brings us information the world over. Do you know what the most-crossed border is in the whole world? Who's the fastest talker of all time? Who invented the Yo-Yo, and what's the most common skin condition? A fantastic present for graduation, housewarming, birthdays, and more.

ISBN: 978-1-59826-769-3
Dimensions: 8.6 x 12.2
Binding: Hard Cover / 176 pages
Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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