The Best of Shlimerel Whippersnaperovitch USB

By: Meir Ben-Dayan
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Meet Shlimerel!

Hi There! I'm Shlimerel Whippershaperovitch. My name
might be a little hard to pronounce, but
that's because the mohel sneezed as he was in the middle of naming me at my bris. I can't believe I'm on a real USB! ME! ON A USB! Is this real?! I'm pinching myself - ouch, that hurt!

Here's a collection of my adventures - but
that's not my only collection! I also collect
spiders, hot dog sandwiches, broken
umbrellas... oh and my favorite collection -
old parshah coloring sheets!

Follow Shlimerel Through This USB (If You
Can Fit Through The Drive!) And Learn From His Hopeless Hilarious Mishaps. Get Ready To Laugh Your Sides Off With The Best of Shlimerel Whippersnaperovitch!

1 - Meet Shlimerel (02:36)
2 - The Carpool Squish (13:40)
3 - The Seat Saver (09:41)
4 - Clicking Clickety Clicks (08:20)
5 - Machaneh Ahavas Football (11:15)
6 - Feivel's Fabulous Ferris Wheel (09:13)
7 - The Unperfect Purim Performance (12:11)
8 - Stop Staring at me! (09:20)
9 - What Is The Loop (06:06)

Format: USB
Release date: 6/25/24

The Best of Shlimerel Whippersnaperovitch USB
By: The Loop
Told By: Meir Ben-Dayan

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