Teka BeShofar Revised Edition [Hardcover]

Brand: Feldheim Publishers
By: Avrohom Reit
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Teka BeShofar Revised Edition [Hardcover]
Mastering Shofar Blowing
By: Avrohom Reit

Product Description
When it comes to blowing shofar, you've definitely got what it takes - as long as you have this easy-to-use, informative, and innovative guide. This illustrated, step-by-step manual walks you through every step in the procedure: from selecting a shofar, to good posture and breathing, to perfecting every distinctive shofar sound. Includes a pictorial guide to the pertinent sugya in Rosh Hashanah 26-27, along with relevant halachos, minhagim, and advice from the experts. Teka BeShofar clearly demonstrates that everyone can develop, or further perfect, their skills. So whether you’re a beginner or wish to perfect your skills, pick up a copy - and start blowing today!

Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 132
Publisher: Feldheim Publishers
ISBN: 9780985972134

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