Talmud Bavli Oz Vehodor Shas Peninim 20 Volumes [Hardcover]

Brand: Oz Vehadar
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Talmud Bavli Oz Vehodor Shas Peninim

Product Description

Talmud Bavli Oz Vehadar - Shas PeninimTalmud Bavli: Oz Vehadar's undertaking of the great project of re-editing the Talmud Bavli undoubtedly represents one of the most positive and important revolutions in the Torah world over the last few centuries. Batei-Midrash, Yeshivas, Kollelim, and Jewish homes around the world. have the opportunity of learning from a Talmud so precise, so clear, both user-friendly and sophisticated allowing both a basic level of comprehension and an advanced level of in-depth study. An Oz Vehadar Gemara makes for the finest Bar Mitzvah or Wedding gift, thanks to their high-quality design and visual splendor. this majestic new Talmud Bavli, re-edited and laid out as magnificently as possible, using old manuscripts and editions, from cover to cover including all commentators, both Rishonim and Achronim, is the ultimate Talmud Bavly for almost every need. Furthermore, a comprehensive and insightful introduction to the Talmud Bavli has been added, which describes the evolving history of the different editions, various commentaries such as Rashi and Tosafot, and many others.

Oz Vehadar Edition
Volumes: 20
Binding: Hard Cover
Size 10" Tall

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