Shabbos Bottle Opener

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Shabbos Bottle Opener

Product Description
Open Soda Bottles on Shabbos and Yom Tov!
Did you forget to open your soda bottles before Shabbos? Not to worry--the Shabbos Bottle Opener can be used to open plastic soda bottles on Shabbos! It allows you to remove the plastic cap including the plastic ring, without tearing it. Forget forgetting to open the soda, you can open them whenever you want! There's nothing like a freshly opened bottle of fizzy soda!

Halachic information
Plastic soda bottle caps are sealed with a perforated ring called a "Tamper Evident Band". The purpose of this ring is to show consumers that their beverage was properly sealed during manufacture and it is safe to drink.
Normally, the action of unscrewing the bottle cap causes the perforated ring to tear. This is fine for during the week but on Shabbos/Yom Tov, falls under the category of the melacha of Makeh B'Patish (Act of Completion). By separating the ring from the cap, it finishes the cap, allowing it to be removed from the bottle.
The Shabbos Bottle Opener grips the bottle cap and removes both the cap and the perforated plastic ring at the same time, without tearing the ring. Thus it avoids the melacha of Makeh B'Patish. In fact, one can still replace the cap with the perforated ring still attached, back onto the bottle. One would just need to use the Shabbos Bottle Opener a second time to remove it again.
It is recommended to try opening a bottle before Shabbos to make sure that brand works properly with the Shabbos Bottle Opener.

TIP: If you finish a soda bottle during the week, keep the opened cap for use on Shabbos. Then you can use it on a bottle opened by the Shabbos Bottle Opener.

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