Sefer HaShemot HaMalei LeFi HaKaballah Hebrew [Paperback]

By: Naftali Fromm
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Mazel Tov! Now you have to choose a name for the baby. What name to choose...? How to change the name to improve one's luck? What is the energy of the letters and names? What is the importance of the power of three in Jewish Kabbalah? How do you find a soul mate and how do you keep a complementary partner?

In recent years we have recognized the importance of a person's first name, a name that carries the core of a person's essence. Kabbalists, rabbis and people of Kabbalah are repeatedly asked questions about the essence of the first name and its importance to the individual, the family unit and their karma.

Naftali From, who has been researching the field for years, published two books a few years ago that became milestones in the study of the meaning of names according to Kabbalah, and were bestsellers on the book market. Over the years thousands of people turned to him with questions and additional knowledge came to him. The result is this impressive book, Sefer HaShemos, the complete book of names according to Kabbalah, which includes an analysis of about two thousand names, and brings, for the first time, names that originate in foreign languages ??according to the principles of the holy Kabbalah.

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 561
Language: Hebrew
Publisher: Yediot

Sefer HaShemot HaMalei LeFi HaKaballah Hebrew [Paperback]
By: Naftali Fromm

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