Nashim Tzidakaniyot Voices of Geulah CD

By: Thank You Hashem
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Featuring: Faigy Blumstein, Bracha Jaffe, Aliza Loeb, Devorah Schwartz, Rachel Blumstein, Sorah Shaffren, Shaindy Plotzker, Chaya Kogan, Menucha Abraham, Molly Berg, Mali, Shimi Adar, Charlene Aminoff, Shaindel Antelis, Jezliah, Judith Gerzi, Danielle Renov And The TYH Girls.

Dear friends,
Previously, the Geulah was brought through the Zechusim of Nashim Tzidkaniyos. In Mitzrayim, the women anticipated the Geulah by packing musical instruments to bring to exile. The redemption occured through their Zechusim and their Emunah. When the Geulah arrived, they celebrated joyously with musical instruments and dancing.

The women in our generation have the power, too, to bring the Geulah. The Voices of Geulah album was created to reignite the yearning for the Geulah and to empower the Nashim Tzidkaniyos in our generation to do our part in bringing the Geulah. The power lies within us. We, as women, are spiritually in tune. We have a Binah Yeseirah that enables us to tap into unique feminine strength that will ultimately bring the ultimate Geulah.

The Voices of Geulah album is comprised of music that feels like redemption, music that inspires Nashim Tzidkaniyos to work towards the Geulah. The album conveys the various themes of Geulah, mentioned by Chazal, that we reaffirm to ourselves as we journey through the path from Galus to Geulah. As you listen to the melodious tunes, be uplifted by your personal longing for the redemption and allow yourself to be swayed by your deep and ever-present yearning for the Geulah.

Thank You, Hashem for the zechus of bringing this message to Am Yisrael. Thank You Hashem for all the wonderful singers, producers, and musicians that we have been blessed to work with and who have become a part of the TYH family. Thank You Hashem for our Rebbeim whose guidance and support has brought us to this special moment.

May we merit a rejuvenated closeness to Hakadosh Baruch Hu through the last stages preceding the redemption and see the rebuilding of the Bais Hamikdash B’Karov.
- TYH Nation

For Women & Girls Only

Format: CD
Release date: 12/15/2022

Nashim Tzidakaniyot Voices of Geulah CD
By: TYH Nation

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