Mendy A Jewish Child in the Forest [Paperback]

By: Sarah Leon, Penina Neiman
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Mendy startled awake in the middle of the night. He heard the distinct sounds of snapping twigs and approaching footsteps. It was the sound that the shoes of city dwellers made. Partisans in the forest wore wooden clogs and rags on their feet and farmers wore rubber boots. Who then did the approaching footsteps belong to? Were there spies in the forest searching for partisans?

The group stood under a tree fearfully scanning the area. They were a mixed group of about twenty people of varying ages. Some were silver haired adults while others were teenagers. There was a boy in the group as well, and to Mendy's surprise he didn't seem to be part of the group. He appeared to be there leader.

Mendy: A Jewish Child in the Forest describes the life of a jewish child during the holocaust trying to survive in the Belerussian forest. The entire book is based on true accounts and personal stories of jewish partisans. It paints a portrait of terrible loss against the backdrop of a child's miraculous survival.

A must read for anyone interested in historical fiction.

Binding: Paperback
Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 315
Language: English
Published by: Shchackim

Mendy A Jewish Child in the Forest [Paperback]
By: Sarah Leon and Penina Neiman

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