Mega Paintworks Craft Yerushalayim Theme

Brand: Kinder Blast
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Create a beautiful masterpiece with our new and exciting Mega Paintworks series.

Stick and then paint to your heart’s content-splash, dab, splatter, and streak. Peel off the stickers to reveal a dazzling work of art. The finished product will be uniquely beautiful and uniquely yours.

This project is suitable for the older crafter, ages 12+

1)Gently peel the black stickers and apply them in the outline, corresponding to where they are on the sticker sheet. Use pressure when applying the stickers so that they stick well without any space between the edges of the stickers and the canvas.

2)Paint a full coat with white paint over the entire canvas,including the stickers. Make sure tofill in the spots between the stickers too. For best results, make sure all brush strokes are in the same direction.

Tip! Be careful when painting around the edgesof the stickers to prevent paint from leaking under the stickers. Keep applying pressure to the stickers to keep them from coming loose.

3)Wait 10-15 minutes for the first coat to dry.

4)Use the remaining 3 colors and paint in any style or form you’d like. Get creative and have fun dabbing, streaking, and swirling! With Kinderblast, the sky is NOT the limit!

5)Wait 3-4 hours for the paint to dry completely.

6)Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the stickers, one at a time, lifting each one from its corner. You can use a toothpick or a pair of tweezers (not included).

2 Paintbrushes
Sticker sheet

Mega Paintworks Craft Yerushalayim Theme

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