Make Yourself at Home [Hardcover]

Brand: Targum Press
By: Sara Chana Radcliffe
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Make Yourself at Home: Family life as a key to personal growth.
by Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Product Description
Make Yourself at Home
What is home?
Is it just an address, the place you live, the place you rush out of
in the morning and return back to, exhausted, later?
Or can it be something more, something greater, the meaningful core of our lives?
We receive challenges that hopefully lead us forward to introspection, prayer, and self improvement,
with most of them occurring in our own homes. In fact, family living
gives us one of our greatest opportunities for personal growth, yet often we are too busy
and distracted to appreciate the benefits and potential of our family life.
In Make Yourself at Home, renowned family therapist and best-selling author Sarah Chana Radcliffe uses her unique approach to show how your home can be the place
where the whole family can grow and attain interpersonal harmony, inner peace,
and true happiness.
How can a married couple learn to accept the intense differences that exist between them?
When should a parent step in and help her children, and when is it right to step back?
What can we do to keep our cool when dealing with the challenges of family life?
Does the perfect family exist? If it does, what does it look like?
Through authentic real-life examples, insightful observations, and innovative solutions,
you will get on-target, comprehensive answers to these questions and more. You will
learn how to handle strong-willed children, cope with teenage moodiness, parent your
adult children, deal with in-laws, and gain a vast variety of other invaluable tools to enhance
your family life.
You will discover how to improve your marriage, understand your children, work through
turbulent emotions, and accept yourself and your family members as you all grow into a
deeper, more caring, sensitive, and cohesive family.
A refreshingly practical and inspiring work for all Jewish parents who desire to improve
themselves and their family, at home.

ISBN: 978-1-61465-073-7
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 409

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