Lo Bikashti Lavo LaOlam in Hebrew [Paperback]

By: Manis Friedman, Elad Ben Elul
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Did we ask to come into the world? And if we did not ask, why are we here? This is the most important question that every person should ask today. The answer to that will change our lives forever.

I Did Not Want to Come to the World is a revolutionary collection of articles written by Rabbi Manis Friedman, the most watched rabbi on YouTube and the emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. How do you stop being hurt by other people? What happens to the soul after death? Why do teens suffer from depression? Why does love ruin our relationship? And why did Gd create the world? - This is just a small part of the questions that this book answers, while urging us to shake off any fixed thought and pursue the true purpose of life.

In clear and contemporary language, and with a lot of humor and groundbreaking insights, I have never wanted to come across the wisdom of storks accessible to us and ignite the enthusiasm and curiosity among religious, traditional and secular alike. The book, written by Dr. Elad Ben Elul, is based on Rabbi Friedman's lectures, and may prove to be a turning point for each and every one of us.

Binding: Paperback
Language: Hebrew

Lo Bikashti Lavo LaOlam in Hebrew [Paperback]
By: Rabbi Manis Friedman and Dr. Elad Ben Elul

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