LeChaim and Nachas DVD

By: Yaakov Shwekey, Shmueli Ungar
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We're proud and excited to announce the release of "Lchaim & Nachas" - This is the full video recording of the Lechaim and Nachas groundbreaking musical experience. First night of Chol Hamoed Sukkos, September 23, 2021, at the Ritz Theater in New Jersey.

Yaakov Shwekey
Shmueli Ungar
Hershy Weinberger
Yossi Green
Velvi Feldman
Moshy Kraus
Yiddish Nachas
Freilach Band
Lev Choir

Bonus 30+ minutes incredible behind the scenes footage

Format: DVD
Release date: 11/25/21
Run time: Over 3 hours

LeChaim and Nachas DVD
Chol Hamoed Sukkos 2021 Performance

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