Kosher Lamp Max Brushed Steel

Brand: Kosher Innovations
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Product Description
KosherLamp MAX
Height: 12" / 30.5 cm
Diameter: 4" / 10 cm

Included with KosherLamp:
-one 13 or 15 Watt, Compact Fluorescent Bulb
-KosherLamp MAX manual

NOTE: use maximum 15 Watt CFL bulb.

Top 10 Reasons to use KosherLamp:

Read in bed on Friday night, then hide the light when you're done reading.
Use the directed light so you won't disturb others.
Let guests enjoy the luxury of a KosherLamp in their room.
Use KosherLamp in the baby's room so you can tend to her at night.
Make bedtime a snap! Give the children a KosherLamp so they can read in bed too. (They'll actually want to go to bed!)
Use the KosherLamp during the week as an adjustable nightlight. Comes in handy when you need to find your clothes on those dark, early mornings.
It's small enough to bring to the bungalow colony, cottage or summer home.
Safe to leave on for a 3-day Yom Tov. KosherLamp uses energy-saving Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs.
Very handy to have for late-night studying at yeshiva or seminary.
KosherLamp makes the perfect gift for anyone. It's a Jewish product to enhance the Shabbos, it's good for men, women or children and for any occasion!

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