Koren Talmud Bavli Noé - Volume 11 Beitza & Rosh Hashana Daf Yomi Black & White Edition [Hardcover]

Brand: Koren Publishers
By: Adin Steinsaltz
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Koren Talmud Bavli - Black and White - Volume 11 Beitza and Rosh Hashana
By: Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Product Description
The Koren Talmud Bavli is a groundbreaking edition of the Talmud that fuses the innovative design of Koren Publishers Jerusalem with the incomparable scholarship of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. The Koren Talmud Bavli Daf Yomi Edition is a compact, black-and-white edition that presents an enhanced Vilna page, a side-by-side English translation, photographs and illustrations, a brilliant commentary, and a multitude of learning aids to help the beginning and advanced student alike actively participate in the dynamic process of Talmud study.

Black & White
Daf Yomi Size
ISBN: 978 965 301 6170

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