Kesubah 1st Marriage- Gibraltar - Hebrew

Brand: Calligraphix
By: Chaim J. Bernath
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Calligraphix Ketubah:

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Kesubah Classic Gibraltar
1rst Marriage - Hebrew

Product Description
Magnificent detailed interpretation of the artistic ketubah style made famous in the 18th century Gibraltar and displayed in many museums. This beautiful ketubah is enhanced by embossing and stamping.

Full color artistic lithographs enhanced by gold stamping
Original, hand drawn calligraphy
High quality, acid free, natural white paper
Comes with a sturdy decorative tube

16" x 20"

About the Artist

Chaim J. Bernath's fascination with illuminating Jewish texts goes back to his days as a boy in yeshiva. The connection of art and Torah developed and deepened; today, Chaim's work reflects a rich appreciation for the depth and beauty of Jewish traditional texts. Gathering ideas from many different sources, both traditional and modern, he developed his unique style-a combination of deep, rich colors, graceful lines and fine detail that translate into magnificent pieces of Judaic art.

Hebrew calligraphy is an ancient tradition going back thousands of years. Some magnificent illuminated manuscripts, particularly ketubot, have survived for centuries. "It's fascinating how fresh and new some of their designs are," Chaim notes. "I love to borrow from those old ketubot, combining their techniques with a contemporary style. It's a form of connecting with Jewish artists and calligraphers from the past, in a very unique way. I get to borrow from their beautiful designs, and my art serves to preserve their work and bring it into into the present."

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