Hat Havoc Giant Gard Game

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The object of play is to collect the six members of the Janktastic family (Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister) and their matching hats.

To begin play, shuffle the cards and place them face down in the center of the table. The top Card is turned face up and placed in a separate discard pile. Decide who will play first. The first player selects the top card from either the draw or discard pile. If the selected card is a Janktastic family member, the player takes the card and places it face up in front of him. If the card is a hat or a WIND card the player places it on the discard pile. Play passes to the left with the
next player selecting a card from either the draw or discard pile.

As players collect members of the Janktastic family, they may "cap" each character with the appropriate hat. For example, on his first
turn, a player draws a Brother card. On a later turn he draws Brother's baseball hat. He may then "cap" Brother by placing the hat card on the Brother card. If a player draws a hat but does not have the char-
acter that matches it, OR if the character already has his/her hat, the card must be discarded. Note that some cards feature two hats, Players may choose which hat, if any, to use and "cap" the appropriate family member. Once a character is "capped", the hat may not be removed, unless it is blown off by a WIND card.

If a player draws a WIND card, he may blow one hat off any of his opponents cards. The hat and WIND cards are then placed on the discard pile. A player may not remove a WIND card from the discard pile.

The first player to match all six of the Janktastic family members with their correct hats wins the game.

Material: Cardboard
Quantity: 60 cards

Hat Havoc Giant Gard Game
A hat frenzy card game

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