Hakodesh V'Hamikdash Tisha B'av Kinnos [Paperback]

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By: Betzalel Landau
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Hakodesh V'Hamikdash-Tisha B'av Kinnos [Paperback]
By Betzalel Landau

Product Description
Historical description from a Torah perspective of the destruction of the Holy Temple and the mourning thereafter throughout the generations from the archives of Rabbi Betzalel Landau of blessed memory including Megillas Eicha and Kinnos for Tishah B'av.

Ten measures of history descended upon the world, Yerushalayim took nine. Jews in Golus always longed and yearned to this wonderful city, though few were fortunate to fulfill their dreams and walk its alleys.

Follwing the destruction of the second Beis HaMikdash, many complicated Halachic issues aroused which were discussed and ruled upon, by the Gedolim throughout the generations, and by the Rabbanim of Yerushalayim in particular.

Rabbi Betzalel Landau ZL, a widely famous and respected author, who was born and lived in Yerushalayim, dedicated many years of research, studying in depth the history and unique customs of the city.

He subsequently wrote many articles, expanding on all of these fascinating discussions and debates that took place between the most prominent Rabbanim, including interesting historical facts.

His rich language, and ability to clarify complex issues in a simple and understandable way, is what makes this work unique.

These articles were welcomed by the public with great enthusiasm. Readers greatly enriched their knowledge and understanding of history of Yerushalayim, evoking a sense of awe. This publication will undoubtedly make our yearning for Yerushalayim yet greater, as we pray for it to be speedily rebuilt.
Prayer Book Nusach: Sefard

Author: Rabbi Betzalel Landau
Dimensions: 5.25' X 8"
Format: Softcover
Length: 352
Media: Book

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