Hagadah Mesoras Harav Soloveitchik Hebrew [Hardcover]

Brand: Koren Publishers
By: Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Menachem Geneck
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Hagadah Mesoras Harav Soloveitchik Hebrew [Hardcover]

Product Description
In the haggadah of the rabbi there is a glimpse into the originality and the glamor of Rabbi Soloveitchik's teachings, which reveal new dimensions of interpretation and meaning in the Haggadah.

This Haggadah presents the rabbi's intellectual and halachic thoughts on the Haggadah, taken from lectures and from recordings of his unpublished lessons. In addition, appendices were added to the laws of Erev Pesach, the Song of Songs, and the counting of the Omer.

Language: Hebrew
Hardcover: 233 Pages
Publisher: Koren Publishers (2019)
ISBN-10: 9655262731
ISBN-13: 978-9655262735

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