Gemara Nazir Menukad Oz Vehadar Friedman Edition Brown [Hardcover]

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Newly typeset and enhanced Oz Vehadar edition of the classic Vilna Talmud includes the Shinun HaTalmud & sefer hamikraos. Text is vowelized.

In today’s day and age, when we have upgraded our standard of living on so many levels, shouldn’t our standard of limud haTorah be upgraded as well? The goal of our Gemara Menukad is to help the learner understand the simple meaning of the text and avoid common mistakes. When a person reads a blatt Gemara without Nekudot, part of his concentration is spent on decoding the words correctly. With the proper vowels in place, comprehension is far more automatic, and he can apply his full concentration to the Gemara’s meaning.

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 9.75" x 13.5"
Language: Hebrew
Text: Menukad
Publisher: Oz Vehadar

Gemara Nazir Menukad Oz Vehadar Friedman Edition Brown [Hardcover]

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