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Gemara Kiddushin Murcheves Oz Vehadar Red [Hardcover]

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Product ID: 709081413692

Brand: Oz Vehadar

This item is part of Gemara Oz Vehadar Murcheves Yeshiva Edition Talmud.

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Oz Vehadar Gemara:

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Gemara Kiddushin Murcheves Oz Vehadar - Red

Product Description
Maseches Kiddushin
Color: Red
Binding: Hardcover
Oz Vehadar edition

Talmud Bavli: Gemara Murchevet Oz Vehadar, Yeshiva Edition - Kiddushin Hardcover
Gemara Kiddushin Oz Vehadar Murcheves Yeshiva Edition *** Oz Vehadar's undertaking of the great project of re-editing the Talmud Bavli - an undertaking recently completed - undoubtedly represents one of the most positive and important revolutions in the Torah world over the past few centuries. The love of Torah - our hidden treasure - and the yearning to learn it, have always been firmly entrenched in the Jewish people, and today, thank G-d, this love is ever the more evident in the thousands of batei-midrash, yeshivas, kollelim, and Jewish homes around the world. However, before the tremendous achievement of the Oz Vehadar institute, there had never been the opportunity of learning from a talmud so precise, so clear, both user-friendly and sophisticated, allowing both a basic level of comprehension and an advanced level of in-depth study. The gemara's text in the Oz Vehadar Talmud Bavli has been re-edited and refined meticulously, and the same attention has been devoted to the traditional commentators on the page. All these - including the Rosh and his own commentators, the Maharsha, Maharam and Maharshal, the 2nd edition of the Maharsha, the Maharam Schiff, the new Yalkut Mefarshim, the Rif and his commentators, the Mordechai, and the Tosefta with its commentators - have been re-edited, with beginning words set in boldface, and with references and notes added.
Language: Hebrew/Aramic
Hardcover : 752 pages


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Gemara Kiddushin Murcheves Oz Vehadar Red [Hardcover]
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