DryTzit Dry Fit Sports Tzitzis Round Neck One Hole Size S White

Brand: DryTzit Dry Fit Sports Tzitzis
Product ID: 679628815602
This item is part of Ashkenaz Tzitzis Tie.
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Dry Tzit Fabric Keeps You Dry And Comfortable

Breathable Sports Tzitzis! Moisture-wicking Short sleeve undershirt tzitzis equals less sweaty! Round neck - Breathable and comfortable!

Lightweight And Comfortable! No abrasive tags! No need to wear an undershirt underneath!

Quality Sports Tzitzis! Light, airy and breathable this pair of mesh tzitzit is great for playing sports, strenuous physical work or just comfortable all day every day wear!

Double-ply neck and arm are added for extra strength!

Made of 100% polyester, comes with small laundry pockets to put the Tzitzit in during the machine wash.

Made In Isreal! Certified by R' Arye Levin.

This machine washable pair of mesh undershirt sport tzitzit are a sure winner!

Ashkenazi Knots-1 Hole

Available in 5 Colors and 6 Sizes

Material: 100% Polyester
Size: S
Chest Size: 34" - 38"
Style: Round Neck
Hole: 1
Color: White

DryTzit Dry Fit Sports Tzitzis Round Neck One Hole Size S White

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