Don't Ask for a Hot Dog! [Paperback]

Brand: Tfutza Publications
By: R. Schreiber, R. Newton
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Don't Ask for a Hot Dog!
Hilarious bloopers from ordinary people who thought they knew Hebrew

Product Description
So... you're coming to visit Israel, or you have Israeli neighbors, or you're flying off for your banner year in yeshivah or seminary... or maybe you're taking that huge jump and are making aliyah. Bruchim haba'im!

Good thing you know Hebrew.

Until you realize that maybe you don't.

You mean there's no such thing as a beis hamerchatzn today? And that street name without nekudot should have been pronounced how? And isn't a hot dog, like, a kelev that is cham? No? "Really?"

Don't Ask for a Hot Dog! is a wildly funny book filled with anecdotes of real people like you and me (in fact, quite a few of them are you and me!), spouting things they'd never dream of saying when speaking in their mother tongue. Yet somehow in attempted Hebrew, things come out not quite like they imagined...

No, don't faint! Read this book instead and laugh along! Much healthier.

And next time, take our word for it.

Don't Ask for a Hot Dog!. Trust us; just order the fries instead.

By R. Schreiber & R. Newton

SKU: L895
Author: R. Schreiber & R. Newton
Dimensions: 6"x 9"
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-60091-580-2
Length: 240
Media: Book
Publisher: Tfutza Publications

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