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Dear Libby [Paperback]

Dear Libby [Paperback]

By Libby Kiszner

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Dear Libby [Paperback]
Will You Answer My Questions About Friendship?
Author Of Dear Libby Advice Column, Mishpacha Junior
By: Libby Kiszner

Product Description
What does it take to create lasting and enduring friendships? Being in the spotlight? Dazzling others with your genius? Finding the ultimate BFF? The truth is, it doesn't take extraordinary talents or the elusive "perfect" friend to experience satisfying and rewarding connections. You can create friendships from the inside out - rather from the outside in.

In Dear Libby, trusted columnist Libby Kiszner offers a breakthrough approach to friendship and connection. Containing seven more principles, this life-changing resource addresses the basic concerns of friendship and its problems, challenges and opportunities that come up during many stages of life, making it a book that can be read and reread.

Integrating contemporary issues, timeless insight, real-life skills, and unique perspectives, Dear Libby provides a hands-on guide for dealing with everyday friendship struggles faced by teens today. Find answers to real questions like

What should I do when people who are supposed to be my friends call me names or embarrass me?
What should I do if I'm being ignored at school?
What is the best way to handle loneliness?
Someone just stole my friend. What can I do?
What can I do when my friends get together and "forget" to invite me?
Teens and readers of all ages will gain insight and understanding to make profound, joyful relationships possible.

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Dear Libby [Paperback]
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