Chovas HaTalmidim Hebrew Only [Hardcover]

Brand: Feldheim Publishers
By: Klonimus Kalmish Shapira
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Chovas HaTalmidim (Hebrew Only)
by HaGaon Rav Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira, Rebbe of Piaseczna

Product Description
In the unspeakable tortures of the Warsaw Ghetto, a bright light shone: the guidance and holiness of the Piaseczna Rebbe, the spiritual leader and spiritual father to thousands of followers until he was killed al kiddush Hashem.

Chovas Hatalmidim, the only one of his seforim that the Rebbe merited to publish in his lifetime, is a perfect blend of penetrating psychological insight and deep passion for Avodas Hashem. In it, the Rebbe explores the most effective approaches to achieve greatness in Torah learning and spiritual growth. The reader learns to discover himself, his strengths and weaknesses, and is inspired to reveal the latent potential in his Jewish soul. He develops a constant awareness of Hashem and His abiding love for him, and is motivated to work toward the greatness he was created for.

This is a newly typeset, corrected edition, and includes a 44 page biographical sketch of the Rebbe by Rav Aharon Surasky.

Dimensions: 6x9
ISBN: 4075F
Binding: Hard Cover / 259 pages
Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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