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Big Trouble CD

Big Trouble CD

By Mayer Erps

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Big Trouble CD
By: Rabbi Mayer Erps

Product Description
Rabbi Meir Erps is back with his eighth exciting story cd entitled, "Big Trouble!"
The Jews of Dusna were very fortunate. The local officials were easily bribed to avoid being drafted into the Czar’s army. A tzedaka fund, headed by Reb Itzel, was set up to help those who couldn't afford the bribe. All was going well until a local resident got into a disagreement with the mayor, Mayor Phalafel Ballichkov. Soon afterwards many people, including Reb Itzel, found themselves in---Big Trouble!

Follow this tale of suspense, drama and humor and meet a host of colorful characters who are sure to entertain and capture the interest of young and old alike. This cd is great for Sefira and the Three Weeks and all year round. Over 75 minutes running time.

Good for Sefirah and The Three Weeks.

Format: CD
Date released: May 2019
Show time: Over 75 Minutes

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Big Trouble CD
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