Best Of Olomeinu - Series 1 [Hardcover]

Brand: ArtScroll Publications
By: Yaakov Fruchter
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Best Of Olomeinu - Series 1: Stories For All Year 'Round
by Rabbi Yaakov Fruchter

Product Description
Impatience for each new, monthly Olomeinu / Our World to arrive, excitement when it comes, eagerness to devour its stories, features, puzzles, and cartoons - this has been the normal pattern in countless homes and classrooms throughout the country and abroad ever since the magazine made its first appearance in 1945.

There is hardly a person who has attended a day school in the last four decades who does not have fond memories of exciting hours with Olomeinu, of reading and re-reading the magazine that becomes more popular with every passing year. No wonder today's children ask why there can't be a new Olomeinu every week and parents wish their children could enjoy these great stories from the past.

Now they can.

Two of the great names in the world of Jewish literature - Olomeinu and ArtScroll - now join forces to bring you The Best of Olomeinu.

This first of a series that will present in book form the memorable, exciting, inspirational, joyous tales that have meant so much to two generations of day school students - and their fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors. Over thirty years of great stories and beloved writers are between the covers of this book. Newly illustrated and edited, they will again transport children young and old to Russia and Yemen, to an astronaut camp on the moon and a summer camp in the mountains, to exciting chases over medieval bridges and tense escapes on Nazi trains.

These are stories that originate in the eternal Jewish mind and heart. They breathe the faith that keeps our people alive wherever we are. This is a book to thrill children and gladden parents, a book for the boy and girl who deserve the best - The Best of Olomeinu!

ISBN-10: 0899067506
ISBN-13: 9780899067506
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 160
Dimensions: 7" x 9"
Published: by Artscroll Mesorah / Torah U'Mesorah Publications

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