Be A Star DVD

By: Magenu
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"Be a STAR" Personal Safety program for children.

The "Be A Star®" methodology is founded on the following principles: We believe that all children are Stars and deserve to be treated as such.

Statistics tell us that 95% of abuse is preventable with education, and young people need information about what is healthy in order to be able to recognize what is unhealthy. Education allows for our children and their parents to have an arsenal of tools to keep them safe. It allows for our Yiddishe Kinderlach to not be afraid, but rather to be able to use the skills and tools we teach in their daily lives.

The Magenu "Be A Star" Personal Safety program not only teaches children about personal safety but also puts emphasis on educating the significant adults in a child's life. The goal is for the child to be able to communicate with his/her parent/caregiver in all situations. Our focus is on the "Tell", since research shows that telling, even when something harmful has already happened, is critical to a child's well being.

Some basics taught to children in elementary school grades include:
Safety awareness,
Emergency situations,
Getting lost,
Safe helpers,
the Buddy System,
Body Boundaries,
Safe vs. Unsafe touch,
Safe secrets vs Unsafe secrets.

In addition, Magenu offers schools administration and staff trainings. These include recognizing signs of abuse, good hiring practices, rules and regulations to create a safe and secure environment for students, as well as how to ensure a staff members own safety.

Magenu also has practical, easy to implement tips and tools for parents that they can incorporate into their daily lives immediately.

Format: DVD
Release date: 1/24/22

Be A Star DVD
Children's Personal Safety Video
By: Magenu

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