As Mountains Around Jerusalem [Paperback]

Brand: Feldheim Publishers
By: Rachel Pomerantz
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As Mountains Around Jerusalem [Paperback]
by Rachel Pomerantz

Product Description
This is the story of four young people from the four corners of the earth: Bob is a farm boy from the Midwest. Ya’akov is an Australian yeshiva boy. Sharon is a rich girl from New England. Yonah is a Yemenite girl from Israel.

They all meet in Jerusalem, the center of the world. Two are converts to Judaism. Readers of the author’s last novel, A Time to Rend, a Time to Sew, will remember Leah and her own journey back to Judaism. In this book they will meet her again as a young Rebbetzin helping others on their way. As the mountains are around Jerusalem, the Psalmist tells us, so is the Lord around His people. And Leah adds a word of encouragement: The mountains may make it hard to get in, but once you are in, they are your protection.

Like author Rachel Pomerantz’s other books, this novel is a moving, eloquent and inspiring story of our times, of the search for meaning, the eternity of the Jewish People, and of Divine Providence.

ISBN: 9781680253580
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Format Paperback
Pages 256
Dimensions: 6'' X 9''
Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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