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Anointing Oil Lily of the Valley 12 ml

Anointing Oil Lily of the Valley 12 ml


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Brand: Barsheshet Ribak Shofarot

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Anointing Oil Lily of the Valley 12 ml

Product Description
Holy Land Olive Oil

Olive oil has been acknowledged for the past 3000 years, or more, as one of the finer oils. In addition to its nowadays well-documented health-promoting value the olive oil is also appreciated for its excellent taste. Since the early days of Moses, followed by practices of the prophet Samuel, olive oil has been used in anointing chosen persons as high priests (Aharon) or kings (Saul and David).

In continuation with old and new traditions we create olive oil from olives that are harvested on the slopes of the eastern lower Galilee overlooking the Jordan River and the lake of Galilee (Lake Kinneret).

Once the oil is pressed out of the olive fruit it is filtered and selected essence or tastes are added to make the experience of using this fine oil even greater. Whether for anointing or as additive to your dishes, this delicate product is your first choice, combining olfactory, taste and touch experience to heighten your day.

This oil has a certificate of compliance from the Israel Ministry of Health.

Volume: 12 ml

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Anointing Oil Lily of the Valley 12 ml
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