An Introduction to Jewish Matrimonial Law

Brand: Feldheim Publishers
By: Arnold Cohen
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An Introduction to Jewish Matrimonial Law
by Arnold Cohen

Everyone's Guide for Understanding Jewish Laws of Marriage, Family, and Relationships!

The Jewish wedding is both an exciting and awe-inspiring occasion in the Jewish life-cycle; but as momentous as it is, the ceremony itself is but one aspect of the greater world of matrimony.

To fully appreciate the complete spectrum of issues concerning Jewish marriage, Feldheim Publishers presents Arnold Cohen's An Introduction to Jewish Matrimonial Law. Written in clear and concise language which makes it a valuable tool for readers of all backgrounds, Cohen describes his book as "exactly what the title says: an introduction - setting out the principles and sources of the law and the debates surrounding it."

The author compiles a wealth of information that covers the principal marital issues. He begins with the background - the Biblical commandment to procreate, the advantages of marriage and proscribed unions. He then enumerates the various stages of betrothal and marriage, and the obligations and rights of a husband and wife. The book culminates with the termination of marriage, discussing such issues as divorce, a widow's entitlements, Levirite marriages, and the laws of inheritance.

On the importance of family life, Cohen writes "in the same way that parents are responsible for the physical welfare of their child, so are they responsible for his spiritual welfare. What better education can a child have than growing up in a loving family where the adults respect each other, children honor their seniors, siblings share with each other, and family life is conducted as a microcosm of what is considered civilization as a whole?"

An Introduction to Jewish Matrimonial Law addresses age-old and contemporary questions, such as:

What does the Mishnah mean when it states: "A man acquires a wife"?
Does a man have ownership over his wife?

The death of a husband allows his widow to remarry; is that because the marriage has terminated or is it a dispensation for her so that she should not be alone?

Do prenuptial agreements contravene Torah law?

These and similar debating points are elucidated with the opinions and rulings from a wide variety of traditional sources - from the Sages of the Talmud down through present-day commentators.

More than 400 fully annotated pages are packed into this thought-provoking work. A listing of topics at the end of the book before the formal index is of great value to any reader who is looking for a particular subject.

A valuable English resource for rabbis and lay-people alike.

About the Author:

ARNOLD COHEN is an alumnus of Britain's Gateshead Yeshiva. He has given Talmudical lectures at many British venues, including the North West London Sephardish Beth Hamedrash; Hillel House, London University; Hendon Adass Yisroel; and the Hasmonean High School. He is also the author of An Introduction to Jewish Civil Law. Cohen lives with his family in England.

ISBN: 978-1-59826-342-8
Dimensions: 7 x 10
Binding: Hard Cover / 448 pages
Published by: Feldheim

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