Above the Angels [Hardcover]

Brand: Menucha Publishers
By: Avraham Tabor
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"Rabbi Akiva taught: ‘You shall love your fellow like yourself’ is the fundamental rule of the Torah."

Above the Angels provides a clear, in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts of bein adam lechaveiro: good middos, chesed, and derech eretz. Based on the teachings of Chazal, and filled with many stories and practical advice, it guides one to become caring, giving, and sensitive to others. It elevates the reader to emulate Hashem’s character traits and explains why and how learning Torah enables one to do so. It empowers the reader with the ability to confidently answer yes to the Heavenly tribunal’s daunting question: "Did you treat every person as a king over yourself?" Above the Angels makes the reader aware of his own infinite greatness and his own true worth as a person created in the image of Hashem, building the awareness that man is literally above the angels.

"The author has managed to make lofty and inspirational ideas accessible to all
readers, and to write them in a way that arouses the reader to aspire to achieve such lofty ideals."
-Rav Shmuel Baron, Rosh Yeshivas Imrei Binah

"The author shows the path for the reader to achieve greatness in middos,
performance of chesed, and consideration of others with all of his heart and soul."
-Rav Pinchos Green, Mashgiach of Yeshivas Kamenitz

Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9781614655879

Above the Angels [Hardcover]
Greatness in Middos, Derech Eretz, Chesed and Torah
By: Rabbi Avraham Tabor

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