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A Look Back: Contemporary portraits of two generations ago
by Dr. Gershon Kranzler

Dr. Gershon Kranzler was the epitome of the Torah im Derech Eretz Jew, educated and sophisticated, yet brimming with perfect faith and dedicated to passing it on to future generations. He was famous and beloved as general-studies principal of the Bais Yaakov High School and then became a professor of Towson State University in Maryland.

Over the years, especially during the 40’s and 50’s, Dr. Kranzler wrote many warm and incisive biographical sketches of prominent and barely known personalities, from the pioneer Shatnez Man to the Stoliner Rebbe, as well as prescient analyses of the nascent and developing post-War Orthodox community in America.

This book is a collection of much of his finest work, most of which appeared in the Orthodox Union’s Jewish Life magazine. Dr. Kranzler was a keen observer and engaging chronicler. He looked for the good in people, but -- especially in those turbulent and traumatic post-Holocaust years -- he also sought to project how Orthodoxy would take root and blossom in America. That gives this book special significance, because it lets us compare ourselves with the visions and aspirations of the forebears, planters, and builders who are in great measure responsible for what we have become.

This is a remarkable book, at once charming, interesting, historic, and memorable.

ISBN-10: 1578195675
ISBN-13: 9781578195671
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 239
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Published: by Shaar Press

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