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Finding That Special Jewish Book Just Got A Lot Easier

Even if you live in the largest urban areas, it's difficult to find a wide selection of Jewish Childrens books, Kosher cookbooks and classic titles important to the Jewish faith. Here at Judaica Place, we strive to offer our customers discount Jewish books they can't find anywhere else.

We specialize in books with great meaning to visitors. Here at Judaica Place you'll find a large variety of books focused on Jewish law and the exploration of our faith. From "A Guide To Tchum Sabbos" to the "Law Of The Seder," you'll find books that can bring comfort and enlightenment.

But we also believe that every life also deserves a bit of fun. That's why you'll also find a wide mix of Kosher Cookbooks including the popular titles "Food For The Soul," "The Complete Asian Kosher Cookbook" and "Jewish Slow Cooking Recipes."

Jewish Childrens books are often difficult to find in large chain bookstores, but we have enough options to fulfill the needs of any growing family. The Gemarakup Super Sleuth is a popular choice for young detective fans and readers who love more traditional Jewish tales will enjoy reading "The Ben Ish Chai" and "The Chozeh of Lublin."

Of special interest to beginning readers are books aimed at young Jewish readers. Children will delight in the reading of traditional books such as "A Touch Of Shabbat" and "My Shabbos 1,2,3."

We're also extremely proud of our vast collection of discount Jewish books. You'll find our prices are competitive with what you'd pay anywhere else, but here at Judaica Place you'll discover those hard-to-find books you just can't find anywhere else.

For example, we have a number of books that strive to help parents deal with the challenges of raising children in today's modern world. "Balanced Parenting" offers parents tips on everyday parenting problems, wrapped in a reflection of the Jewish faith. "Mother In Progress" follows the tale of a modern Jewish mother trying to deal with a busy, multi-tasking world.

So no matter what type of book you are looking for, we at Judaica Place can help you find it. Even better, you'll find it here at a price you won't believe.

The Judaica Place Offers Unique Books and Giftware

The world of literature is constantly changing and reinventing itself, with new avenues to explore. Good Jewish Bookstores are becoming far and few between, but there are some bookstores available that allow readers to find books that are not available anywhere else. The demise of the large, chain bookstore is steadily reaching every community, with technology making it easier to buy books online. However, there are many individuals who still cling to the past and the experience of going into a bookstore and buying a book. The Judaica Place is one of those bookstores that provide books that cannot be found in a traditional shop, both online and in store.

The Judaica Place is a discount Jewish bookstore that caters to individuals of the Jewish faith that are looking for specialty books. The Judaica Place has a retail store located in Brooklyn, New York, in the heart of Flatbush. Our retail store has over 25,000 products in stock, and while New Yorkers can enjoy visiting the bookstore in person, there are many that have missed out on that opportunity. For those individuals that are not in the New York area, our online store provides access to many products and discounted books.

With 30 years of experience in Jewish books, this discount Jewish bookstore is very unique in its approach. This bookstore is anything but discount when providing their customers with products. The Judaica Place sells quality products and is dedicated to making their customers happy.

In addition to Jewish books, The Judaica Place provides high quality Jewish giftware on tour website and in our retail store. The Jewish giftware consists of candles, kosher lamps, Mezuzah cases, jewelry and toys. The Jewish Artscroll is also a popular item at Judaica Place. The Jewish Artscroll is a collection of translations and books that is told in the Jewish perspective. They are used to educate people who follow the Jewish faith and can make great gifts for the holidays. The Judaica Place offers a collection of artscrolls to choose from.

Ordering from The Judaica Place is quick and easy. The Judaica Place website provides secure and fast ordering with a user-friendly interface. The Judaica Place has an actual inventory in their retail store rather than a virtual inventory, so shipping products can be done almost immediately. In most cases, the bookstore has shipped the same day. In addition to being a discount store, The Judaica Place also offers a variety of payment options to accommodate customers.

ArtScroll Publications

Here at Judaica Place we have an extensive selection of Artscroll Publications for you to choose from, the Art scroll publications are available in a variety of different topics areas and genres, with many of Artscroll publication’s being prayers and hymns taken from the teachings and messages from respected Rabbis and the Torah. Artscroll publications ensure that Jewish literature is printed on crisp white paper, in both Hebrew and English, making the stories and teachings of the Torah and influential Rabbis more accessible to the modern Jew. In most cases the publications contain direct translations from Hebrew to English ensuring that the teachings can be understood fully.

Artscroll Publications also produce a selection of Jewish children’s books that will help you to teach your little one to be a good Jew and how to understand the Judaism faith that they will live their life by. With many of the publications being written by respected Rabbis, these books are written so your child can enjoy the story and enjoy learning about the importance of living a good Jewish life.

Although Artscroll Publications manufacture many Childrens Jewish books that tell of the important teachings of Judaism, written by rabbis and influenced by original passages and messages in the Torah, we also have an extensive selection of self-help books written by influential Jewish people. These self-help books range from advice for public speaking to being more patient, with a huge selection available for you to choose from at great prices you are bound to find an Artscroll Publication that you will adore.

Take a look at the extensive selection of Artscroll Publications now and find the book you’re looking for, available here at Judaica Place online at amazing prices!

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