Blood Brothers [Hardcover]

Brand: Tfutza Publications
By: Esther Rapaport
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Blood Brothers
By Esther Rapaport

Product Description
Set in Havana, Cuba, Blood Brothers is an Esther Rapaport novel at its best and the first volume of her newest series, Foreign Destinations. Suspenseful, dramatic, and insightful!

ACuba, Pearl of the Antilles, a gorgeous, tropical country, was one big prison during the 1980's. Fidel Castro the "Great Leader ruled the country unchallenged, forcing Communism on the entire country with an iron hand.

In Havana, the island’s capital, lives an assimilated Jewish family, the Daniels. Within a short period of time, Alonso Daniel faces the most unexpected perils as he endeavors both to save his brother’s life and pursue his forbidden study of Torah. The reader will accompany him to a military-preparatory boarding school, to the government hospital in Havana, to the municipal library’s basement in Marianao, on crosscountry trains, on the backs of horses over mountains, and in the Caribbean Sea till the very end of the story. Suspenseful, dramatic, and insightful. Sure to be loved by teens and adults alike.

By: Esther Rapaport, author of the popular novels: Diamond in the Rough, Divided Attention, and Behind the Scenes.

This is the first volume of her newest series: "FOREIGN DESTINATIONS

Author: Esther Rapaport
Dimensions: 6" X 9"
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-60091-393-8
Length: 382
Media: Book
Publisher: Tfutza Publications

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