The Mitzvah Tree Volume 1 CD

By: MITZVAH TREE, Blanka Rosenfeld
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The Mitzvah Tree Volume 1 CD
By: Morah Blanka Rosenfeld

Product Description
When Hashem wanted to give the Torah to the Jewish people, He asked Moshe Rabenu, "What will you give me as a guarantee that My Torah will be kept and it's Mitzvos observed?" Moshe Rabenu answered, "Our children will be your guarantee." How well Moshe Rabenu knew that with a Torah-imbued youth there will never be a "generation gap" -- but rather a strong link with our glorious past and a forging ahead together towards a golden future. How fortunate are those who realize the importance of guiding our children at a very early age on the Torah path. This, then, is what "The Mitzvah Tree" is all about. The capacity of reaching a child both through story and song in a manner that even the very young fully understand is the key to Morah Blanka Rosenfeld's success. The secret is quite simple: "Teach Torah by means of story and song...and make Torah-living a joyous experience. "

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