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The Bug Checker XL Portable Light Board

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Product ID: 757347599123

Brand: Kosher Innovations

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The Bug Checker XL Portable Light Board
Comes in an attractive box, ready for gift-giving.

Product Description
It's time to eat your veggies! Rediscover the produce aisle in a whole new light!

Yes, that's right! The Bug Checker is back! And this time, it's BIGGER, BRIGHTER and BETTER!

Now you can go back to the produce section of your local grocer and benefit from all the wonderful flavors and nutrients that only fresh veggies can offer. There's more to salad than Iceberg or Romaine. We challenge you to try something new!

Find insects before they find their way into your salad

What is a Bug Checker XL Portable Light Board™?
-an indispensible kitchen tool for finding insects
-uses LED lights that shine through leaves
-rechargeable for many hours of use
-safe to use with wet produce

Size: 14" x 11" x 1" (L,W,H)
Light Area: 12" x 9"

Checking made easier and more convenient

One of the biggest challenges in a kosher kitchen is preparing bug-free leafy green lettuce and fresh herbs to serve as part of your healthy, delicious meals. Now, with the Bug Checker XL Portable Light Board™, you can save time, money, eat healthier and enjoy a greater variety of healthier foods.

You will also be able to check carefully, comfortably and with confidence. These are the three "C"s that the idea of the Bug Checker XL is founded upon.

1. Check Carefully - Instead of checking against an overhead light or in front of a window, you can check your produce more closely, right in front of you. The light from the Bug Checker shines through the leaves but not through the insect, making it easier to see what's on your veggies.

2. Check in Comfort - the Bug Checker is portable which means you don't have to be limited to standing at the counter near an electrical outlet. Set yourself up comfortably at a table, sit down and allow yourself to focus better on the actual checking. Why should you have to stand on the hard floor and check for bugs in an awkward location? This makes the Bug Checker more Convenient than something that must always be plugged in. Hey! That's another "C" word!

3. Check with Confidence - there's nothing wrong with the "traditional" way of checking for bugs--using a window or holding your lettuce up to an overhead light. But what if it's dark or cloudy outside? And what if you don't want to have sore arms with water dripping down them? That's why the Bug Checker XL was invented. Now checking is easier and more convenient. You can check when you need to and with less mess. You'll have consistent light and the Bug Checker is safe to use with wet produce.

Our new Kosher Innovations Bug Checker XL™ provides all the benefits of a professional light box, but was designed specifically for the private kosher kitchen. It's compact in size for easy storage, uses safe low voltage LED lights and rechargeable batteries and is reasonably priced.


Simply place each leaf (after soaking and rinsing) flat on Bug Checker™ and you will instantly see any bugs that may be there. The bright light shines through the leaf, but not through the bug.


The LED light technology of the Bug Checker XL™ illuminates the leaf evenly from beneath. It eases eye strain because you don't have to look upward while trying to use an overhead light.


Those bagged salads are expensive and can be limp and tasteless and often need checking as well. Now you can buy more inexpensive fresh, crispy, flavorful produce in a wider variety.


You don't have to avoid the fresh vegetable section of your supermarket any longer. Now you can have really great salads, prepare more interesting dishes and up your vitamin intake. Think of the health benefits of eating dark leafy greens rich in antioxidants. What a gift to yourself and your family!

The Bug Checker XL™ is easy to store and easy to use. The LED lights are sealed in a water resistant matte white style frame. It can be operated using the rechargeable batteries or electricity and even recharges while it’s plugged in. The OU Guide to Preparing Fruits and Vegetables' says that

"A light box is indispensable for bug checking."

Anyone involved in food preparation in a private kosher kitchen will love to have a Bug Checker XL™

So order your very own Bug Checker Portable Lightboard XL™ today.

Why not order a second one for Pesach while you're at it? You’ll be able to check mounds of maror quickly.

It makes a great gift! Every Kallah will love it!


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The Bug Checker XL Portable Light Board
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