Shul Lamp Medium

Brand: Ner Mitzvah
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Shul Lamp Medium

Product Description
Medium Shul Lamp
Approximately 11" Height

How to Fill the Shul Lamp with Paraffin Lamp oil
1. Remove chimney and unscrew burner-unit/Wick from lamp base,
2. Fill base with Paraffin Lamp Oil, fill only till avout a half inch below top of lamp base,
3. Screw burner-unit/Wick onto lamp base and adjust chimney onto burner unit,
4. Let it stand at least 20 minutes before lighting.

How to Light the shul lamp
1. Use wick-control knob on side to move wick up or down,
2. Adjust wick to about 1/4" above metal burner unit
3. Use side hole to light Shul Lamp with match,
4. Lower wick to about 1/8" above metal burner unit,
5. Adjust flame size by moving the wick up or down.

How to Extinguish the Shul Lamp
1. Lower the wick about 1/4" deep into the metal burner unit.

Warning!! DO NOT use without chimney
DO NOT use with any other type of oil
Too big of a flame can cause smoke.

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