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Purely Inspired [Paperback]

Purely Inspired [Paperback]

By Miriam Goldberg

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Over the years I have merited coming in contact with hundreds of women from diverse backgrounds, origins and cultures. Women of all ages and stages have come through my door with one goal uniting them all, learning the unique mitzvah pertaining primarily to women, taharas hamishpacha.
Women who came to learn this mitzvah begrudgingly and women who were interested in learning this mitzvah in order
to strengthen themselves alike left in awe; empowered and inspired.
I have found that the first-hand personal stories which women have shared with me over the years about themselves, acquaintances and family members, have been incredibly empowering and inspiring, both for myself and others. The stories brought out the beauty of taharas
hamishpacha and emphasized its importance.

With tremendous gratitude to Hashem, I have merited to compile these moving stories in order to give chizuk and
inspiration to Neshos Klal YisraeI.
The publication of this pamphlet was only made possible by Mrs. Lamm who spent hours documenting the stories and by Mrs. Schwalb who took the time to edit them. Thank you to Mrs. Cohen for the beautiful cover and a special thank you goes to the women who contributed their personal stories towards this compilation.
Please note that all names and locations have been changed to preserve the privacy of the individuals (unless requested otherwise).

There are three unique mitzvos of a woman, challah (separating challah from a dough), taharas hamishpacha and hadlakas neiros, (lighting candles) of which the acronym is
Chana. It is not for naught that the acronym is reminiscent of our founding mother, Chana, who taught us how to daven
even in situations which are seemingly helpless and hopeless. As such, Chazal explain that a woman’s prayer is most poignant and powerful during the time of performing these unique mitzvos. My hope is for women to gain and apply the messages that are brought out through these special stories to their own lives.
I have found through my vast experience of teaching married women that by women coming together with one goal in mind- to strengthen themselves in the halacha and
hashkafah aspects of this beautiful mitzvah, their homes and lives have changed drastically.
Inspiration on its own tends to move us immediately but then slowly dissipate. In order to make this inspiration real one must concretize it by acting on it. The Gedolim have encouraged me to raise the wareness
amongst Neshos Klal Yisrael as to the importance of attending chizuk shiurim/series in taharas hamishpacha. The more we invest in this mitzvah by learning and performing it with the right mindset and approach and with the necessary knowledge of the halachos, the more we will come to appreciate it.
It is my fervent tefilla that all women of Klal Yisrael should merit to develop a tremendous appreciation and ahavah for
this mitzvah and continue to empower and inspire others.
- Mrs. Miriam Goldberg, Yerushalayim 5780

Binding: Paperback
Language: English

Purely Inspired [Paperback]
Stories for Women by Women
Compiled by: Miriam Goldberg

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Purely Inspired [Paperback]
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