More Lessons Learned in Moscow CD

By: Yoel Ferber
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More Lessons Learned in Moscow CD
Harvey returns to Russia
By: Rabbi Yoel Ferber

Product Description
A rip roaring adventure in communist Russia.
Will keep the children entertained and in suspense for hours!

Dear Listener
If you listened to "Lessons Learned In Moscow", about Harvey's first adventure in Soviet era Russia, you will love this sequel! But even if you have not yet heard it, you can still enjoy this hilarious and meaningful adventure. In the first installment, we accompanied Harvey to Moscow on a covert mission to deliver Tefillin. We laughed as he led the KGB on a three day wild-goose chase, but eventually accomplished his mission successfully. However, in Moscow Harvey discovered something that would change his life forever. He encountered a precious Yid who was willing to keep the Torah under the most trying conditions, and with great personal risk. That Jew inspired Harvey to become religious himself. Now Harvey is known as Reb Chaim and returns to Moscow for another, even more dangerous mission. Come along for the ride, laugh at Reb Chaim's quick wit and be amazed by the fearless Jews in communist Russia.

01 - How It All Began
02 - New Neighbors
03 - Kennedy Airport
04 - Flight 202 to Russia
05 - Taxiiii!!
06 - Five Star Hotel
07 - First Attempt
08 - Second Attempt
09 - Subway Station
10 - High Speed Car Chase
11 - Lessons Learned

Format: CD
Date released: December, 2017

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