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Mindsets and Me [Hardcover]

Mindsets and Me [Hardcover]

By Rifka Schonfeld

Product ID: 9781680253511

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Mindsets and Me [Hardcover]
How Your Mentality Can Change Your Whole Year
By Rifka Schonfeld

Product Description
Feivel and Gavriel are stuck in the same situations, but somehow Gavriel always manages to come out of those situations with a positive spin. Read about the ways that growth and fixed mindsets can change the way you look at the world!

About the Author:
Rifka Schonfeld, Director S.O.S. Strategies for Optimum Success.
An acclaimed educator and social skills specialist, Mrs. Rifka Schonfeld has served the Jewish community for over thirty years. She founded and directs the widely acclaimed educational program, Strategies for Optimum Success (SOS), servicing all grade levels and subjects, specializing in kriyah and English reading. A consummate teacher's teacher, Mrs. Schonfeld created and presents a social skills workshop focusing on key issues in social interaction for children, teens and adults: self-esteem, maintaining lasting friendships, communication, trust, conflict resolution, bullying, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), ADHD, and anxiety.
Along with social skills coaching and parenting classes, Mrs. Schonfeld works with young adults, preparing them for shidduchim.

Dimensions: 8.5 X 11
ISBN: 9781680253511
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Binding: Hard Cover
32 pages
Distributed By Feldheim
Illustrator: Yoel Judowitz

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Mindsets and Me [Hardcover]
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