Kuntris B'Yam Darkecha Rochel or Leah Hebrew [Paperback]

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Why is it that some people experience turbulent feelings, while others are more stable and calmer?

What should people do when they don't feel any drive in their learning and they aren't

Why is it that some people enjoy their learning, while others get flustered as soon as they begin to learn something (i.e., masechta) and they're already thinking when they will get to finish it?

Why do I sometimes have tremendous growth and at other times I experience abysmal failure, losing all my drive and motivation and quickly burning out?

Why is it that some people need to do a lot in order to maintain their drive and excitement in their learning and in what they do, while others barely have to do anything to feel good about what they're doing?

Understand better what you go through, and
how to utilize your utmost potential, in
Rochel or Leah: The 2 Different
Neshamah Types, the English adaptation
of a very special book in Lashon HaKodesh
which sold thousands of copies and which
helped countless people heal, understand,
and navigate their way through avodas
Hashem - using the awesome potential of
your shoresh haneshamah (soul root).

Binding: Paperback
Size: 5.75" x 8.25"
Pages: 97
Language: Hebrew

Kuntris B'Yam Darkecha Rochel or Leah Hebrew [Paperback]
The Two Different Neshama Types

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