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Kids Speak 11 [Hardcover]

Kids Speak 11 [Hardcover]


Product ID: 9781680253955

Brand: Feldheim Publishers

Series: Kids Speak Series

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Kids Speak 11 [Hardcover]
By: Chaim Walder

Product Description
Yudah, leader of his peers, is in charge of making the Lag BaOmer bonfire that’s named after him. One day, the group decides that a different kid will be in charge of the bonfire, which will now be named for him. Yudah feels betrayed. Why did they do it? Is there a way out?

Naomi is a happy, popular girl until a new girl enters her class and turns everyone against her. As if that’s not enough, the teachers blame her best friend, Tehilla, for all the turmoil. Will Naomi be saved from the tempest that threatens to destroy her class?

Yehudit is only twelve, so why is she driving a school bus? And what makes the bus company commend her for it? An amazing story about a girl who prevents a tragedy.

Avi is naturally curious and loves excitement. One day, he and his cousin find a few strange-looking metal objects in a nearby forest. They especially enjoy playing with a weird metal ball not realizing it’s a hand grenade!

Fourteen boys and girls are the heroes of Kids Speak 11!

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Dimensions 6x9
ISBN 9781680253955
Publisher Distributed By Feldheim
Number of pages 221
Item # 7766
Weight 1.4690 lbs.

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Kids Speak 11 [Hardcover]
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