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It Happened in Soncino [Hardcover]

It Happened in Soncino [Hardcover]

By Ruth Zimberg

Product ID: 9781614656654

Brand: Targum Press

Series: Jewish History Comes Alive Series

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It Happened in Soncino [Hardcover]
By: Ruth Zimberg

Product Description
Six hundred years ago books were written by hand. The work was slow and few people owned their own books. That was all about to change. Let’s go back in time to a town called Soncino and find out about the first Jewish printing press. It Happened in Soncino is the first in a series of books about important Jewish historical sites. Learning about these landmark places will help young students understand and appreciate the enduring heritage of the Jewish people. This book is complete with authentic photographs, dynamic text, and user-friendly design. Watch as Jewish history comes alive!

Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Size: 10" x 10"
Pages: 40

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It Happened in Soncino [Hardcover]
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