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Iron Gates [Paperback]

Iron Gates [Paperback]

By Debbie Strom

Product ID: 9781977638830

Brand: Ayal Press

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Iron Gates [Paperback]
By: Debbie Strom

Product Description
In the year 1950, Judith Mintz sails for England, eager to fill the position of writing instructor and house mother at Thornton boarding school for girls. Upon arrival, she learns from the headmistress that a number of instructors are opposed to an American presence in the school and that she must adhere to the utmost proper behavior.

Judith faces an uphill climb to achieve acceptance with certain staff members while struggling to create bonds with her English pupils - especially Ruchama, a troubled girl. Judith spares no effort to attain her goals and discovers that behind every person's façade, no matter how daunting, there lies a story far beyond external impressions.

Recommended for teens and up.

(Previously published in Yated Magazine)

ISBN: 9781977638830
Weight: 0.8560 lbs
Binding: Paperback / 288 pages
Published by: Ayal Press

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Iron Gates [Paperback]
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