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In the Fragments [Hardcover]

In the Fragments [Hardcover]

By Shmuel Yaakov Klein

Product ID: 9781614658030

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In the Fragments
Reflections of a Child of Survivors
By Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein

Product Description
Our eternal legacy can be found in the fragments.

The son of Holocaust survivors, Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein grew up hearing personal stories of horror and heroism, as his parents survived the inferno against all odds and courageously rebuilt their lives in North America. In this poignant collection, Rabbi Klein describes how his parents’ past affects his own life from becoming a grandfather for the first time to navigating yamim tovim and life cycle events, to eventually revisiting Polish soil and spearheading Holocaust education worldwide. Rabbi Klein provides a new and illuminating lens through which to view Churban Europa.

In the Fragments is a compelling book that will inspire everyone to approach the Holocaust as a means to deepen and enrich their appreciation for life, and encourage the next generation to do the same.

ISBN 9781614658030
Author Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein
Cover type Hardcover
Pages 136

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In the Fragments [Hardcover]
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